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Want to run with trends in every possible way? 
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Services: Intelligence Platform

Trend Intelligence Platform

Services: Trend Intelligence Platform

A world-class, yet affordable trend intelligence platform

Giving you access to our full Trend Framework, Innovation Database with 26,000+ innovations, 2022 Trend Report, Industry Reports, Ask an Analyst service and more.

Everything you need to guide and inspire you to turn trends into meaningful innovations.

Services: Trend Academy


Services: Trend Academy

Academy | Our 25-lesson, self-paced online video course

Access 10+ years of working with consumer trends into a new curriculum – now used by 400+ brands, agencies and universities worldwide. 

Designed to train you in forecasting and applying, developed using our methodology and taken at your own pace. 

Services: Presentations and Workshops

Presentations and Workshops

Services: Presentations and Workshops

Presentations, Workshops, Reports and Advisory

Our team of Trend Analysts & Presenters have delivered literally 100s of keynotes, workshops and customised reports, in 35+ countries, to some of the world's leading brands and agencies.
We know how to deliver.

Services: Trend Events

Trend Events

Services: Trend Events

Our public Trend Events, from Boston to Berlin to Bangkok

Join us around the world for highly curated events - we'll announce new dates very soon. Make sure you're subscribed to our free trend updates to be among the first ones to find out where and when next.