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Local beer company Skol set up the Skol Station – its standout feature being a glitter ‘shower’ – during the multi-day São Paulo street carnival in Brazil. The free brand activation center let attendees immerse themselves in biodegradable glitter, which doesn’t pollute the environment.

So, glitter is a very big deal (just see the 18 million Instagram #glitter posts). But – like so many once-innocent pleasures in life – glitter has become a source of guilt as people become increasingly aware of the negative impacts of said sparkles 😔 However, as every trend watcher knows, that tension screams opportunity. Consumers will embrace similarly guilt-free alternatives – from sneakers made of recycled ocean plastic to designer vegan condoms and more – that ‘allow’ them to continue indulging themselves.

But what’s even better for consumers than having to seek out guilt-free alternatives? Having a big brand do it for them! Examples like this one from Skol set the expectation that big brands can – and indeed should – be the ones doing the due diligence when it comes to compromise-free consumerism. So, what’s your brand’s ‘glitter without the guilt’ equivalent?

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