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Italian fashion brand Diesel opened what it claimed was the world’s first ‘authentic knock-off’ pop up store. The brand purposely misspelled its own name when it opened Deisel, a store that appeared to sell knock-off items. Deisel was set up this month on New York’s Canal Street, a well-known destination for counterfeit designer goods. In a video chronicling the stunt, shoppers bargained for items that they didn’t realize were part of a limited-edition Diesel collection.

The best trend-driven innovations tackle – and resolve – points of consumer tension. This bold campaign comes at a time when levels of trust in corporations have fallen to all-time lows. But at the same time 91% of consumers all around the world are willing to reward ‘authenticity’ in a brand. Acknowledging that many consumers will buy fake goods, the Deisel store takes a knowing angle on what remains a challenging issue for a still status-obsessed industry (witness luxury group Kering’s and Alibaba’s battle over counterfeit goods).

The result? Diesel shows it gets modern consumers. It celebrates their messy, rule-breaking behavior. It’s on their side, rather than being solely focused on its shareholders. It understands the changes in fashion industry. So, the next time you confront an issue in your industry, ask yourself: will your brand come out looking as savvy and mature as Diesel, or will you look like you’re fighting against consumers?

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