Last week, Pinterest brought forward the release of its curate inspiration feature, to serve quarantined users. The Today tab provides daily inspiration with curated topics and trending Pins, making it easy to explore popular and timely ideas. In addition to continued expert coverage of COVID-19, inspiration from popular categories such as self-care tips and kid-friendly baking will be showcased daily. Users in the US and UK can click ‘Today’ at the top of the home feed for new ideas each day. According to the Pinterest, in the US searches for ‘working from home,’ ‘freezer meals,’ and ‘indoor activities with kids’ saw high growth over the past two weeks.

Practicing social distancing, consumers are looking to use their time at home to learn new skills. They want to be productive and have something to show for themselves at the end of quarantine, whether that be learning to cook, sew, or paint, or finally completing that home improvement project. Social media has made it easier than ever for post-status consumers to show off their skills to friends and peers (sometimes even complete strangers), and earn approval and recognition. How can your brand provide consumers with creative inspiration, or the tools and connections to help them achieve these goals? Look inside your organization!

After The Virus: 10 Trends for a Post- Corona World

After the virus

Here's a special free report on 10 trends radically accelerated by the coronavirus crisis. Previously these might have looked years away from mainstream adoption (and so easy to ignore), they now feel primed to become totally normal in months, if not weeks!

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