Last month, the International Red Cross (ICRC) partnered with hit video game Fortnite to launch Liferun: a spin-off game mode showcasing the work its workers do to help civilians in conflict zones. Instead of entering Fortnite’s usual fight-to-the-death Battle  Royale mode, Liferun players are rewarded for saving lives, rebuilding infrastructure and distributing aid quickly. The game was launched by three popular Fortnite livestreamers, and the winner of the first Liferun session being awarded the ‘Fortnite Peace Prize’. 

What an Epic (badda boom!) and very on point campaign. Esports! Cross-brand collaboration! Livestreaming! Influencers! Gaming for good! So. Many. Trends. But here’s one in particular that is worth exploring:

Channel vision. When launching Liferun, the ICRC cited its recent survey showing that 37% of global millennials believe torture is acceptable under some circumstances. Creating a video game that enables players to experience the work the ICRC performs is a powerful way to reach – and build empathy with – new audiences. 

Similarly, Hong Kong activists created a VR video game experience putting the player in the shoes of a frontline protester, doctors in the US have turned to TikTok as a way to disseminate sexual health information, and just last week we featured Awkwafina’s takeover of the announcements on a New York subway line to promote her comedy series set in Queens. 

Could today’s innovation inspire your next big campaign? Ask your team: what would be the perfect (new) channel for our message and audience? 

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