Woman mountain biking in the great outdoors

14 May 2021

Travel start-up uses mindful adventure as a remedy for work-induced burnout

Short for 'recalibrate', Recal Travel offers adventure travel for people suffering from work-induced stress and burnout. The company launched last week and organizes highly active trips aimed at helping participants shed stress and renew their energy.

The idea is based on a hiking, biking and paddling trip that founder Anthony Lorubbio took in January, after years of long hours and work stress had started taking their toll. Through rigorous physical activity — "Don't expect lazy river afternoons" — and complete immersion in nature, Lorubbio hopes to offer others the same sense of mind and body recalibration that he uncovered for himself.

Recal works with independent outfitters for guided trips ranging in price from USD 725 to USD 1,950, including mountain biking on the Grand Canyon's North Rim and high-water rafting on Idaho's Middle Fork Salmon River.

Using adventure travel as a way to remedy stress aligns with what we've dubbed Mindcraft. More on that in our latest Make→Shift trend briefing, which explores how brands can help people build the mental and emotional resilience they need to thrive, whatever the world throws at them.

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