This month, Zara had its models host their own photoshoots, in their own homes. Due to COVID-19, the Spain-based fashion brand couldn’t safely hold professional shoots, which are normally complete with stylists, makeup artists, expert lighting and photographers. Zara instead sent its go-to models items from its new collection, and they were free to choose how to photograph and showcase the outfits. The end result, which gives shoppers a glimpse into the models’ home environments, also reflects their sense of style and personality. 

Yes, Zara’s decision to have models art-direct was made out of necessity. But it does speak to a larger craving consumers have long held for authentic, more down-to-earth, more human interactions with each other. After all, most marketing makes it easy for consumers to forget that brands are not just brands: they’re collectives of real people. Zara seized its chance to remind customers that its models, for one, aren’t just anonymous fashion reps. They’re real people with real lives, real hobbies, and real points of view and who, like all of us, are stuck at home.  

But now is an opportunity, within these constraints (when you can’t make everything look perfectly slick and produced), to connect with your customers. How could you use this unique opportunity to showcase your company - and your employees - in a more personal light? And use your logistical limitations to produce more creative, more authentic, and more human work?


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