Introducing Make→Shift: Insights That Drive Change. Monthly. Free.

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Make→Shift – a new, high quality, monthly-issued feature brought to you by the TrendWatching Global Content Team. 

With the world under rapid, constant flux, there’s never been more meaningful opportunities out there to be informed and inspired by. 

That’s why we launched Make→Shift: An insight and analysis filled monthly publication designed to curate inspiration and opportunity that can truly help drive change for you or your organization. 

It’s completely free and available for our subscribers worldwide, now. In the first issue, Bold Pivots, we explore how organizations worldwide are redefining ‘business as usual’, including insights on:

  • How big brands and organizations like IBM have made big shifts in the COVID-19 era
  • How countless smaller operations have even made bigger, bolder shifts (like swimwear brands turning into eco-friendly food delivery services)
  • How organizations like Pepsi are finally changing in the face of the insurmountable social inequality brought to the forefront of our political landscape by the BLM movement

We hope you love reading the first issue, and even more importantly, are inspired to make some shifts of your own. 

Read the issue no1, Bold Pivots – out now – by clicking here

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