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Name Your Price: Sliding Scale Pricing

By Thomas Klaffke, 30 January 2023

Want to make a difference in the world and bring about economic justice? In the first issue of 2023, our sister publication, Business of Purpose, is diving into Sliding Scale Pricing and how it can boost accessibility, inclusion, and affordability while capturing new customers and income!

A new perspective on pricing that factors in more than just income and allows businesses to serve customers at all income levels while maximizing profits. Let’s work together to champion affordability and access!


Welcome back Robbie!

By Reinier Evers, 20 January 2023

We are excited to welcome Robbie Hodges back into our team as a Trend Analyst.

Robbie worked at The Telegraph and SUITCASE Magazine, interviewing thought leaders and covering travel and lifestyle trends before moving to TrendWatching.

After a brief period working as a strategist for luxury and hospitality brands at Trends & Culture in London, he has now returned to TrendWatching where he will be providing bespoke insights to our clients across the globe.


Winning in 2023 Retail

By Reinier Evers, 12 January 2023

Are you ready to tap into the desires of 2023 consumers? According to our trend insights featured by Forbes, consumers will seek out a sense of escape and hope in retail.

By offering a 
glimpse of a better future, even if it's not entirely realistic, retailers can improve consumers' overall outlook for the coming year. Consumers will be looking for brands that can improve their mood and emotions.


We’re hiring in Amsterdam!

By Reinier Evers, 16 December 2022

Are you (or is someone you know) a passionate, purposed Communications Manager who loves trendsB2B marketing and copywriting? If so, we have an amazing, Amsterdam-based opportunity for you. Any questions: please DM me.

Oh, and we’re also looking for an Amsterdam-based Senior Business Developer and a Trend Curator/Writer. Never a dull moment 😉


Business of Purpose 2022 Recap

By Thomas Klaffke, 29 November 2022

Take a look at the yearly overview of everything published by our sister publication, Business of Purpose.

From purpose-driven remote work structures to the role of business during crisis, exiting to community-ownership, self-managing organizations, the 4-day work week, and regenerative marketing.


Tackling the Purpose Gap

By Thomas Klaffke, 22 November 2022

Explore the purpose gap in this month’s issue by our sister publication, Business of Purpose. This latest article focuses on the intention-action gap of purpose-driven businesses and how companies can attempt to tackle this issue. Our colleague Franzi Füsting has developed a simple tool to guide and inspire businesses to turn purpose intention into action with The Purpose Circle.

Looking for the next step in your career? Join our purposed team.

By Reinier Evers, 9 September 2022

TrendWatching is on an exciting purpose journey to have a positive impact on businesses and society, glocally. This year, we launched a new and improved Trend Intelligence Platform, Amplify, to support 1,000s of businesses worldwide to bring to market more sustainable innovation for all.

As we are growing and reaching more and more people, companies, and organisations, we are looking for three experienced people to join our team and continue our growth trajectory.

Our Consumer Trend Canvas template is now on Miro!

By Joaquim Moody, 1 September 2022

Whiteboard your way to meaningful business insights by using our interactive Consumer Trend Canvas on Miro. It's our most popular trend tool, and you and your team can now use it to collaboratively unpack any trend and apply those learnings to launch innovations of your own.

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