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This month Doritos Israel launched the Towel Bag: a reusable Doritos bag made of terry cotton. The new bag is intended to solve an issue familiar to anyone who has eaten Doritos: the residue of dust and crumbs that the snack leaves on fingers. The Towel Bag acts as a packet for Doritos, and doubles as a place to wipe hands afterwards. The machine-washable bag was promoted by a video showing Doritos eaters wiping their hands on their trousers, sofa, pet dog and other unsuitable places. Doritos partnered with Israeli video game retailer BUG to target gamers with the launch of the new bag.

Obviously this is a lot about the LOLZ. But while you’re LOLing, there’s still time for learning (see what we did there?)

Your next community. The Towel Bag isn’t really about a towel bag. At heart this is a clever play for the hearts and minds of a specific community: gamers. Doritos have taken a micro-observation about the life of hardcore gamers – that is, it sucks to get crisp crumbs on your controller – and turned that into campaign that says: we understand you, let us be part of your club. Of course, execution is everything here: this campaign hangs on nailing the kind of irreverent humor that will appeal to many gamers. But what community, sub-culture or group could you reach out to in 2019? Start by thinking hard about how your offering fits into their lives.

Flaws can be awesome. Note on key aspect of this campaign: it’s based on a drawback – albeit a minor one – of eating Doritos. The result is a powerful lesson in being FLAWSOME. If you want to target a new community in 2019, how about starting with a moment of radical honesty about a challenge or drawback they may face when they try to engage with you – and offering an innovative solution to that problem? And if a trial of that kind works to target a new community, then could a similar approach work to attract new customers of all kinds?