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The Night Feed, an app for moms who are breastfeeding during the night, recently launched in the UK. The app is designed to provide moms with entertainment, useful content, and a community of other mothers to connect with while they are awake breastfeeding and everyone else is asleep. Positioned as a “virtual sanctuary for the sleep deprived”, The Night Feed’s content includes interviews with midwives and pediatricians, guides on the best clothes for breastfeeding, book clubs, and other interest-based groups moms can join. The app features a feed timer (to track a baby’s breastfeeding schedule), sleep sounds for mothers and babies trying to fall back asleep, and a chat function.

Baby-focused or not, here are two things your team can take from The Night Feed:

💡Use the ‘right time’ to target. Consumers share a universal need for relevance, the need to find the things in the world that are the right fit for them. The Night Feed doubles down on relevance. Not only is the app tailored to the overall needs their core demographic – new mothers – but tailored to what its customers need at a very specific time: a respite from loneliness and boredom, in the middle of the night, while breastfeeding. Can your brand go beyond targeting and serving customers by segments and profiles and adapt to a super-specific context, too? For a non-parenting example of this, see how Clear Channel’s soothing billboards served stressed-out urbanites during some of their most stressful moments: while they were commuting!

💡From CX to WomanX. Let’s think beyond The Night Feed for a moment. This app is part of a great wave of innovations that demonstrate real empathy for the female experience. Particularly, the female health and well-being experience. Of course, an outright disregard for the latter is still a huge problem, demonstrated in everything from relatively ‘small’ issues like tampon taxes to truly terrifying ones (like obstetric violence). But we applaud the new initiatives, especially those for mothers – like The Night Feed, and calming VR experiences for women in labor – that put female well-being front-and-center. Can your brand demonstrate that it truly understands and cares about a group whose needs have been disregarded? What innovative, empathetic solutions can you spearhead?

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