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The Montreal Museum of Fine Art (MMFA) partnered with the Médecins francophones du Canada doctors’ organization to let doctors write prescriptions for museum visits. Starting this month, medical professionals can write a maximum of 50 prescriptions, which will grant each patient an admission-free trip to the museum. The doctors involved in the collaboration cited the ability of art to improve mood, help patients take a respite from serious illnesses, and more - all, of course, with zero side effects.

Three trend-driven takeaways from today’s innovation:

- Widening wellbeing. This program brings new meaning to ’art therapy’! It also shows how the pursuit of health and wellbeing is increasingly breaking free from traditional channels and formats: from cardio-meets-CPR fitness classes in Thailand to STI testing at music festivals in New Zealand to Costa’s low-budget loneliness-fighting coffee tables. Just because you’re not traditionally a ‘wellness brand’, don’t let that stop you!

- Heritage heresy. Fine art is often seen as elitist and exclusive. This move from the MMFA will bring new audiences through its doors. Who knows where it might lead for some first-time visitors? In a similar vein, the New York Public Library’s Insta Novels retold classic novels via Instagram Stories. What industry or brand traditions could you break, to reach new audiences?

- Credible collaborations. The benefits of consuming art aren’t the most immediate or tangible. New audiences especially may be skeptical or resistant. By partnering with doctors, the MMFA benefits from a trusted and credible voice. And with the prescriptions making visits free, patients have no reason not to go! Similarly, which partners could help you remove barriers stopping customers trying your product or service?