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With Amplify, our new trend intelligence platform.
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Plans & Pricing

A trend intelligence platform packed with features and tools.
For you and your team.

1. Trend Framework

Discover and track trends specific to you with our proprietary Trend Framework, which revolves around 15 mega-trends and 230+ emerging sub-trends.

Instant guidance and a top-level overview of the (consumer) world, for individual and company-wide use.

2. Innovations Database

Find, organize and share 28,000+ on-trend product innovations from 80+ countries, segmented by industries, trends and business goals

Our analyst team, AI-driven research tools and spotting network add dozens of new examples every week. 


3. Trend Reports

Save invaluable time: you will have full access to our popular Annual Consumer Trend Reports (including the 2022 edition), as well as 300+ other topic-specific and localized trend reports.

To facilitate sharing and presenting, reports come as PDFs and PowerPoint decks. No more DIY 😉

4. Industry Portals

Explore and act on trends and innovations in your industry or those your clients are in. Our industry portals cover 15 major sectors, from Food & Beverage and Health to Transport and Tech. 

5. Stats Center

It's your answer to the ‘do we have numbers to prove that?’ question. A curated and constantly updated database of 100s of must-know consumer stats that will validate and enliven any trend report or presentation. 

What better way to convince your team or clients of the opportunities out there?

6. Innovations Lab

Want to create 2024's business headlines? Our Innovations Lab, hosted in Slack and updated daily, brings you the latest niche innovations across 13 industries. From pioneering start-ups to daring corporate labs.

This will get your innovative juices flowing.

7. Methodology

Serious ideation needs inspiration, collaboration and prioritization. Which is why the platform provides you with our methodology, Consumer Trend Radar, Consumer Trend Canvas and our Projects tool (enabling you to file and share key content with your colleagues). 


8. Academy

Obsessed with trend-driven innovation? Eager to train yourself and your team? Learn everything we've learned about spotting and applying trends by enrolling in Academy, our self-paced, online course.

ll Amplify members are granted free access

9. Ask An Analyst

Need expert support? All members can interact via platform chat or email with our in-house Trend Analysts at any time about the platform's intelligence and tools. Fast replies guaranteed. 

Platform-wide access for any of your colleagues.
One flat fee.

Amplify × freelancers


If you're a freelancer or solopreneur, our supportive Amplify Micro Plan empowers you to make your research, innovation and marketing projects trend-driven, at a deeply affordable price. 

With trend intelligence, training and tools normally only available to large organizations. 

Amplify × small organizations


If you're part of a company with no more than 100 employees, our Amplify Small Plan gives you and any of your colleagues access to all the trend intelligence, training and tools they'll ever need.

Guaranteeing that every strategy, product development or branding project from now on will be future-proof

Amplify × mid-sized organizations


Are you part of a company with 101 to 1,500 employees? Our Amplify Medium Plan offers access across teams, departments and offices.

A modest investment will instantly trendify your entire organization, with centralized intelligence, tools and training that facilitate meaningful futuring, ideation and innovation — from new business concepts to products to campaigns.

Amplify × large organizations


If your organization employs more than 1,500 people, our Amplify Large Plan offers you the opportunity to instantly embed futureing, ideation and innovation company-wide. 

From your marketing and innovation departments to your product development and client teams —everyone in need of trend intelligence and tools will have unlimited access. Once and for all.

Time for a demo

A six-minute video showing you the platform in action: all the features, and how to make the most of them.

Join 800+ brands and professional services firms.
From boutique to large, from the US to Singapore.

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For brands, agencies, consultancies


Amplify is used by B2C and B2B brands, advertising agencies and consultancies, universities, NGOs and governments, representing 1,000s of professionals in dozens of countries. 

Whether you're keen to innovate for and with your clients, customers or constituents, our trend intelligence, tools and training will get you going. 

Across 15 industries


Reflected by the wide variety of Amplify's clients, we cover 15 industries:

Financial Services | Retail & Commerce |
Health & Wellbeing | Travel & Hospitality | Consumer Tech | Food & Beverage | Fashion | Beauty & Care | Entertainment | Home & Living | Luxury | Mobility & Transport | Social Media | Nonprofit & Social Cause | Work & Education

Globally & locally


With analysts, spotters and clients hailing from over 80+ countries, rest assured that our platform's intelligence is global and local in nature.

You'll find a solid mix of Latin American, African, European, North American and Asian-Pacific innovations in our database, while we regularly publish Latin American and Asian-Pacific trend reports to highlight global trends that also benefit from a distinctively regional take.

And very multidisciplinary


Since trend intelligence, insights and innovations are at the heart of so many strategy, product development, branding and marketing projects, our platform is used by a wide variety of professionals. Just a few of our clients' job titles:

Marketing Manager | Head of Innovation |  Creative Director | Research Analyst | CEO | 
Account Director | Product Developer |
Chief Learning Officer |  Insights Specialist | 
Management Consultant | Marketing Director | 
SVP Branding | Founder | Strategist

Latest platform additions

  • Clients
    21 Jun

    In the last 48 hours, Turkish Airlines, N26, Judo Bank and Edelman joined Amplify.

  • Snapshot
    9 Jun

    We just added June's Snapshot to the platform

  • Insights
    1 Jun

    Innovations Lab — now updated daily in our Slack group (50+ industry niches)

  • Trends
    27 May

    Trend of the Week: we're diving into sub-trend SIDE-HUSTLE HEROES

  • Clients
    21 Jun

    In the last 48 hours, Turkish Airlines, N26, Judo Bank and Edelman joined Amplify.

  • Snapshot
    9 Jun

    We just added June's Snapshot to the platform

  • Insights
    1 Jun

    Innovations Lab — now updated daily in our Slack group (50+ industry niches)

  • Trends
    27 May

    Trend of the Week: we're diving into sub-trend SIDE-HUSTLE HEROES


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