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We're no traditional trend firm


We're no traditional trend firm

As one of the world’s leading consumer trend firms since 2002, we're grounded in purpose. It's our mission to inspire you to take action on the endless amounts of trend-driven, meaningful business opportunities we relentlessly scan the world for. More...

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22 February 2024

Trend Report

by Victoria Loomes

Think Forward with PayPal – Issue #3

Uncover the future of business in the third report in the Think Forward series, developed in collaboration with PayPal!

This edition focuses on The Age of AI-Commerce: Innovation Unbound, highlighting generative AI’s explosion into public consciousness and its implications for brands across all sectors

Discover how brands like Google, and IKEA have taken up the challenge and are leading the way in delivering new opportunities for consumers, businesses and their own employees. Don’t miss out on the latest insights that will shape tomorrow’s landscape!

Click through and dive deep into this thought-provoking report for actionable strategies to inspire your business 

9 February 2024

Trend Webinar

by Erick Smet

Our 2024 Trend Check webinar is a wrap

Thank you for joining our 2024 Trend Check webinar! In case you missed it, or would like to rewatch the live stream, you can do so here.

What's next? Run with these three opportunities to get the most out of what you learned:

Revisit the 2024 Trend Check to get a refresher on 15 of the most important industry trends that will shape the year ahead.
Explore our most recent MakeShift editions to get inspired by the latest innovations, insights and trends of the moment. Truly up your trend game this year and dive into Amplify, our leading Trend Intelligence Platform - your FREE 14-day Trial awaits (no credit card needed).

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