About us

We're no traditional trend firm

We're no traditional trend firm

We're grounded in purpose and it's our mission to inspire you to take action on the endless amounts of meaningful business opportunities we scan the world for every day – through our Trend Intelligence Platform, our Keynotes and workshops, our Trend Seminars or our free Trend Publication.

Our mission

As one of the world’s leading consumer trend firms since 2002, TrendWatching is purpose-built to guide, inspire and empower business professionals – whether they're marketers, creatives, strategists, entrepreneurs or innovators – to bring to market more sustainable and impactful innovations that benefit all, not the few. 

To achieve this, we deliver MakeShift, our free weekly publication, to 100,000+ trend-driven professionals worldwide and offer a number of dedicated trend services.

Our teams in Amsterdam, Berlin, Singapore, London, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona and New York relentlessly scan the globe to spotlight countless meaningful trends and innovations – supported by a network of 900+ spotters in over 90 countries.

Our methodology

Guiding our work is our proprietary Purpose-Driven Innovation (PDI) methodology: a core analytical framework that turns trends into meaningful business opportunities. It's designed to guide professionals and the wider world in both identifying and acting on them.


Finding ourselves in one of the most transformational and crucial decades ever, we are determined to partner with future-obsessed professionals to make a meaningful difference in the remaining seven years. 

A few facts and figures

  • We work with 800+ clients, from the world’s biggest brands all the way to small purpose-driven organizations, delivering endless meaningful opportunities and insights to act upon.

  • Our free publication, MakeShift, is put to good use by over 100,000+ business professionals across almost all continents via emailWhatsAppTelegramSlack, and more. 

  • Our flagship product,  Amplify, is a trend intelligence platform used by brands like Google, MultiChoice, Aldi, TBWA, Uber, Itaú and many more. Amplify brings professionals the tools and content to adapt and strategize at speed through our extensive Trend & Innovations Databases, Trend Reports and Industry Updates.

  • Our other products and services include Advisory, Keynotes & Workshops and our Annual Trend Seminars (13 events around the world, from August 2023 to November 2024).

  • Our 900+ strong network of trend spotters – TrendWatching Trend Locals - and core content research spans nearly every continent and culture.

  • Our sister company Business of Purpose helps match and engage ‘business activists’ in 60+ cities over the world, by organizing Virtual Purpose Tours and hosting diverse communities of purposed professionals under future-focused, sustainable goals.


We believe in purposed partnerships, opportunities, joint ventures, new concepts, small and big, one-offs and long-lasting. Just reach out to Raymond Kollauour Business Development Director, to discuss opportunities.


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