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From startups to boutique agencies to Fortune 500 brands, our trend intelligence and training empowers 800+ organizations in 80+ countries.

Purpose-driven innovation training for clients

🇮🇪 Mastercard Ireland reached out to include our Academy course in their “Digital Innovation Institute” so that its clients from specific markets could learn about Purpose-Driven Innovation. In addition to accessing the course, the 900+ participants could attend a live engagement with our Head of Academy to learn more about the methodology.

Trend insights for offices and teams worldwide

🌍 For 10+ years, our Trend Intelligence Platform has now been available via TBWA’s intranet, enabling hundreds of offices and teams around the world to work with our trend framework, innovation database and other platform features, to enrich TWBA’s client work with even more insights and inspiration. 

Team inspiration & input for 'The Year In Search'

🌍 We've been working with leading members of the Think With Google team since 2020 to provide input for Google's ‘The Year In Search’ reports. On top of dozens of Googlers having access to our Trend Intelligence Platform and Academy trend course, we also facilitated trend keynotes for four global insights teams, covering the most impactful consumer trends for the year ahead. 

Taking thought-leadership to the next level

🇪🇸 Working with PayPal's Head of Enterprise Marketing (Southern Europe) and their team, we helped develop ‘Think Forward’ – a new quarterly report exploring key themes in the consumer arena. The first edition covers Conscious Consumerism, highlighting best-practice innovations and actionable takeaways.

Development of overall Beauty & Personal Care Trend Framework

🇨🇭DSM Personal Care - a division of Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Health, Nutrition & Bioscience - partnered with us to update its trend framework. Using our Trend Intelligence Platform in combination with commissioning us for an annual trend session and internal insights, DSM developed an overarching trend framework that provides broader context to its product portfolio.



Assistance in advising clients on key consumer trends

🌍 We participated in Edelman's Growth Academy program, presenting consumer trends to senior leaders in Europe, APAC and North America, helping them to proactively identify trends impacting their clients’ business.

Designing a company-wide trend framework

🇺🇸 Working with Kontoor's VP of Innovation, we facilitated workshops with key internal stakeholders and other trend providers to create a company-wide trend framework for the group, which was presented to the executive board. We then provided ongoing updates for 200+ team members across Kontoors’ brands, including Lee and Wrangler.

Company-wide platform access

🇺🇸 One of the largest financial services brands in the US, JP Morgan has provided its entire CX & UX department of 500+ professionals with full access to Amplify. TrendWatching also delivered a trend presentation to inspire the CX team as well as familiarize them with the platform's key features.

Introducing trend education to teams at a global home furnishing leader

🇸🇪🇳🇱 Senior members at this leading global home furnishing brand are using the trend insights from our Trend Intelligence Platform to kickstart both local and global innovation projects. To further foster trend knowledge within their teams, various members signed up for our online Academy course to learn and apply our purpose-driven innovation methodology.

Anticipating the future of African Media & Entertainment

🇿🇦 For over five years, Multichoice, Africa's leading entertainment company, has been using our Trend Intelligence Platform. Commissioned by the Head of Mass Segment, we compiled a custom report shedding light on eight emerging consumer trends in Sub-Saharan Africa and providing guidance on how to run with the related opportunities.

Trend-innovation training for frontline managers

🇺🇸🇸🇬🇬🇧🇳🇱 Marriott’s European Director of Learning engaged us to deliver a series of presentations that complemented the group’s existing Design Thinking and Innovation training program. We ran nearly 20 ‘Innovation Races’, taking 100+ general managers to experience on-trend retail and hospitality concepts in Amsterdam, London, New York and Singapore.

Mapping emerging trends for the Thai business event industry

🇹🇭 Along with the use of our Trend Intelligence Platform, the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) requested our services for a custom trend report and live presentation at their Hybrid Travel seminar. We showcased the emerging trends that will shape the future of the business event industry - crucial to the Thai economy.

Creating a purpose-driven innovation team

🇦🇺 To foster even more of a trend-driven innovation culture within the company, Woolworths, Australia's largest supermarket chain, enrolled its Content Strategy & SEO team in our Academy course - including our Purpose-Driven Innovation methodology. 

Equipping teams at a global ad agency with trend intelligence

🌍 We’ve been providing this global ad agency with 24/7 access to our Trend Intelligence Platform for many years now. The platform’s latest trends and innovations, global and local, assist the agency's US, Latin American and Spanish teams to deliver ‘on trend’ client projects and campaigns.

Understanding the future of trend-driven content

🇧🇷 Media conglomerate Turner Brazil, whose teams use our Trend Intelligence Platform, wanted to inspire professionals at leading ad agencies in Brazil with examples of trend-driven content creation. Alongside their team, we selected relevant consumer trends and global innovations and crafted a custom keynote that was presented at their annual Ideation Roadshow.

Trend methodology as a driving force behind innovation

🇩🇪 Aldi Nord, part of the German discount supermarket chain, currently applies our trend methodology to analyse product categories and  related brand opportunities. Closely working with Aldi Nord's Senior Manager of Strategy and Innovation, we also carried out a workshop for the larger Aldi Group to expand the methodology to their other markets.

Inspiring brand builders in 2024 and beyond

🇨🇦 Royal Bank of Canada has been using our Trend Intelligence Platform for many years. Their Senior Director of Brand Strategy also commissioned us for a presentation on relevant global trends that included topics like ‘business purpose’, ‘technological innovation’ and ‘customer experience’ - aimed to inspire and inform Royal Bank of Canada executives and brand marketers across the firm.

Envisioning tomorrow’s Metaverse for an optical retailer

🇫🇷 For a global leader in optical retailing, we worked with their Trends Manager and Consumer & Market Insights Manager on a deep-dive into the evolution of the Metaverse. During a follow-up keynote to a global team, we identified the building blocks of this new metaphysical reality, its potential impact (both positive and negative) and what steps need to be taken to seize the moment. An ideation session resulted in multiple potential innovations, now being evaluated.

Adding fresh trend intelligence to client projects

🇺🇸 David & Goliath, a purposed boutique, advertising firm based in California, recently returned to our Trend Intelligence Platform. As part of the platform’s Ask An Analyst service, we've supported their team with inspiration for how expectations are being broken in culture (related to one of their clients’ QSR projects).

Ideating the next horizon of finance

🇳🇱 For a team of high-potential thought leaders within DLL, the world’s leading vendor finance partner, we hosted a one-hour keynote to introduce six disruptive, trend-driven cross-industry innovation areas. During the subsequent workshop, we challenged the attendees to translate these insights into meaningful new business avenues.

A trend-driven approach to identify business opportunities for a global recruitment specialist

🌍 In order to determine which major trends could be a potential opportunity or threat, this leading global recruitment specialist has worked with us to develop an overall trend framework, using our Ideation Workshop and Trend Intelligence Platform to move from trends to innovative concepts.

Revolutionizing patients’ health care expectations

🇺🇸 To remain at the forefront of their industry, this US-based healthcare provider signed up their senior team members to our Trend Intelligence Platform. Finding value in platform features like the innovation database, industry reports on health as well as health-related niches in our Innovations Lab, they are now able to better serve their patients’ current and future needs.

Leveraging trend intelligence to inspire teams & clients

🌍 Our Trend Intelligence Platform is a trusted source for InterPublic’s strategy team (including a Strategic Intelligence Analyst, a Project Director and a Strategic Intelligence Analyst) - the team especially leverages the platform’s innovation database, to support its global client work and focus - from sustainability and health & pharma to retail and apparel.

Localized trend presentations

🇺🇸🇧🇷🇩🇪🇸🇬🇬🇧Zendesk, a leader in customer experience platforms, commissioned multiple TrendWatching analysts for a series of ‘The World with TrendWatching’ keynotes.
The sessions were localized for the UK, Germany, US, Brazil and Singapore, and kicked off Zendesk's promotions of its annual CX Trends report. 

Future-proofing a unified HR process

🇦🇹 For A1, one of Europe's largest telco conglomerates, we spotlighted the most crucial innovation opportunities that are shaping the future of HR. Through keynotes, we shared a subset of trend rules to abide by when developing a multi-country HR system, as well as ways you can leverage internal HR processes as external marketing efforts.

Weave glocal insights into strategy development

🇺🇸🇸🇬Mars Wrigley's Human Intelligence group (which consists of Foresight, Agile Innovation and Portfolio Brands) was drawn to our Trend Intelligence Platform because of our regional / localized focus including LatAm and APAC reports. Making use of the platform’s Ask An Analyst service, Mars’ global team has also turned to our analysts to contribute insights to the team’s overall strategic discussions.

Spotlighting the next frontier of sustainable innovation

🇩🇪 For Covestro, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-tech chemicals and materials, we took part in their Orchestra of Possibilities, a series of future-forward hybrid events on digital and sustainable innovation. We presented the next frontiers of sustainability and took part in a panel discussion with C-Suite members.

Inspiring tomorrow’s future-focused innovators

With our Trend Intelligence Platform added to UCCL’s library, this leading Belgian university now offers its lecturers and over 500 business students access our trend reports, 230 trends and 28,000+ innovations. For even more inspiration, we held a live keynote in Leuven, delivering our trend methodology to over 300 students.

Sparking a future-oriented innovation culture

🇬🇧 Commissioned by the firm’s Innovation Lab Director, we worked with Westfield, global developer and operator of  shopping centres, on a  series of 3 trend reports, accompanying animated videos and 12 keynote presentations, to bring the group's strategic innovation vision to life across multiple European markets.

Infusing the innovation process with trend insights

🌍 Over a two year period, we worked alongside Mastercard's 'Labs as a Service' team to deliver nearly 50 presentations and workshops with the leadership teams of its banking, retailer partners and clients. Our sessions formed part of the client’s thought-leadership & innovation sprint program. 

Trend-driven insights to shape the future of APAC's financial news

🇭🇰🇹🇼 As a long-term user of our Trend Intelligence Platform, we’ve aided Verizon Media with multiple requests. Most recently, the Senior Insights Manager of their International Consumer Group segment commissioned us to work on a custom report, which provided trend-driven insights into the financial news market.

Turning disruption into meaningful transformation

🇺🇦 As part of UNICEF's 'Forum for Social and Behavioral Change', we opened the forum with a keynote on the changing consumer expectations triggered by the pandemic- including steps to be taken by social marketing professionals to create meaningful change.

Defining the leading trend themes for 2023 and beyond

🇨🇭Via a trend workshop and multiple presentations, TrendWatching supported the marketing teams at DSM Personal Care - a major supplier of ingredients to the global personal care & beauty industry - in defining its new concept innovations, and communicating the overall trend themes to the market at the 2023 InCosmetics trade show in Barcelona.



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