Create a Free Trend Updates channel on Slack


Here’s how in a few quick steps:


In Slack, create a Free Trend Updates channel
    1. Name it #FreeTrendUpdates or anything else you fancy.
    2. Set the channel to be ‘public’.


Go to Slack's Email app web page » 


Click ‘Add to Slack’ if the app has already been installed on your workspace, or ‘Install’ if it hasn’t yet.


Click ‘Post to Channel’, choose the #FreeTrendUpdates channel, then click ‘Add Email Integration’.


Click ‘Save Integration’ and look for green bar confirming this has been saved. You’re done with the Slack part of the setup now!


You'll receive a confirmation email from Slack with the unique email address that is exclusively linked to the #FreeTrendUpdates channel.


Go to and subscribe to our Free Trend Updates with this unique email address.

You will receive a ‘confirm your subscription’ in the #FreeTrendUpdates channel. Just confirm and you’re good!


Within a week, our Free Trend Updates will start appearing in the channel, for all to enjoy.

Use your #general or #announcements channel to let all your colleagues know the Free Trend Updates channel is now available to them.

Suggested announcement message:

“Hey @channel, we’ve added a new channel, #FreeTrendUpdates, that will bring you a weekly dose of innovations and related insights from TrendWatching, one of the world’s leading trend firms.

Great to get some inspiration and insight, and, who knows, your next big idea!

You can add the channel by clicking or tapping the ‘Channels +’ header."


Now, if you have any problems getting this up and running, just email Riz Razak (, and he will help you to get it done.