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We're no traditional trend firm

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5 April 2024


by Acacia Leroy

Free AI x Consumer Trends Webinar

Our Senior Analysts, assisted by endless AI tools, are working hard on a new keynote, 'AI: Shaping New Consumer Realities', diving deep into how AI is already seriously shaping  changing consumer behaviour, expectations and innovations. Worldwide. 

If that sounds like something you need to be aware of and running with, but you currently don't even have the time to improve your prompting skills, then this one is for you: our free AI x Consumer Trends webinar.

Join us on 15 or 16 May (we cover all time zones) and get up to speed on the biggest opps out there - in just 45 minutes, including Q&A!

1 April 2024

Trend Events

by Giulia Bolzan

Our Trend Events are back for 2024!

We're excited to let you know that our highly anticipated flagship Trend Events are back – coming to three cities in 2024:

The pitch? Give us one day and we'll immerse you in the meaningful consumer trends and insights that will shape global markets in the next 12-18 months πŸ’₯

Click through to secure your spot at the Very-Early Bird price – available only until April 30!


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