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Premium is at the heart of critical initiatives within our agency - our agency’s lead generation program, our social networking activities and for internal creative inspiration.
Michael McGuire President and CEO

Putting Premium Service content at the core of our agency

88 Brand Partners is a full-service branding and communication agency in downtown Chicago. It specializes in merging strategy and creativity to build and place brands in seamless communication, be it internal, digital, advertising, or whatever means are appropriate, across all media.


A long-term relationship with trendwatching.com has enabled 88 to fully integrate the Premium Service into 4 key initiatives within their organization:


Lead generation development for business

trendwatching.com is a key driver to our agency’s lead generation program” says Michael McGuire, Director of Strategy. “This very robust program allows us to communicate to 4,500 new business prospects each month in core growth areas. We identify a few relevant trends and build upon them by finding industry and region-specific examples. We then take a look at work for current clients, see if any of our work supports specific trends, then package this information in a brief, digestible email, linking back to our blog. Through this program, we are able to track those e-mails as we connect with potential clients.


Social networking

We use extracts from the Premium Service in our social networking activities, extending this thought leadership program into the digital space. This helps position us where we want to be with our community and means we can keep our readers and followers abreast of the latest trend thinking – and continuously inspired by them.


Internal creative inspiration

With trendwatching.com regularly sending us fresh, new content, this provides a great opportunity for our entire agency to talk through specific trends from the annual Trend Reports and Industry Updates. People bring specific trends to discuss and debate on, leaving the team stimulated and thinking how different industries apply these trends. This helps our team go back to their creative work feeling more inspired, refreshed and thinking differently than before.


Adding value to existing client relationships

When appropriate, we also notify our clients on a handful of specific trends relevant to their industry or category, bringing new ideas and providing additional value beyond their contractual relationships. We can then start a dialogue with them, asking questions like ‘Have you seen this in your own business or competitive landscape? How can this trend be integrated?’ etc. By putting this thinking at the beginning of their planning cycle, clients can look ahead at the next marketing year and see if any efforts should support any of the trends. Our financial, hospital, healthcare and hospitality clients especially benefit from this and have translated such trends to their business.

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