Fenda — Social media site’s users pay to ask celebrities questions

As consumers move away from traditional media institutions to various new platforms to consume information and content, facilitate individual participation in this shift. Empower consumers to be content creators, and at the same time gain access to the content and sources they want.

Launched in China in May 2016, Fenda is a pay-to-use social question and answer service running on WeChat. Users pay between CNY 285 and 3,323 (USD 43 – 500) to put questions to all kinds of people, including celebrities, famous teachers and investors, with the price set by those answering the questions.The answers are delivered via voice message, and are capped at 60 seconds. Other users can pay CNY 1 (USD 0.15) to listen to the answers, with Fenda taking 10% of each amount. Fenda was launched by Beijing-based Zaihang.com (a knowledge-sharing website that specializes in popular science); Fenda roughly translates as ‘one-minute answers’. According to Zaihang.com, one the highest earners on Fenda is gynaecologist Zhang Yu, from the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, who answers questions on topics such as period pains and how to get pregnant.