The Consumer Trend Canvas

Make the leap from insights to innovations

What is it?

The Consumer Trend Canvas (CTC) is an easy-to-follow framework developed by TrendWatching that will help you unpack and understand any consumer trend, and then apply it to launch consumer-facing innovations of your own. We’ve seen this tool generate everything from sustainability-focused savings accounts to patent-worthy plant-based seafood. It’s as versatile as you are.

How to access and use the CTC template

Accessing our CTC template (hosted on Miro, the online collaborative whiteboard) is easy.

Simply follow the link below and you will be taken to the template's page on Miro, including step-by-step instructions for how to turn insights into innovations.

If you already have a Miro account: great! Just log in, and you can start using the CTC immediately.

If you're new to Miro: don't worry. Creating an account is very easy, and it's free. After you've created your account, you can get straight to ideating.

Access the CTC

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Amplify is our trend intelligence platform, giving you access to our Daily Feed, our full Trend Framework, 2024 Trend Report, Innovation Database with 28,000+ innovations, Industry Reports, Stats, Training, Analyst Support and more. 

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Our Annual Trend Seminars are now in full swing, running until November 2024.

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Your strategic trend projects

For over a decade, we've been working with some of the biggest organizations in the world on strategic trend projects. From the US to Brazil to South Africa to Thailand. 

If you're deeply into trends and in charge of turning as many of your teams trend-driven, check out what we could do for and with you.

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