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As we have already done for dozens of institutions, worldwide

1. By providing free trend content - from intelligence to tools

Looking for fresh trend-based material for a lecture of a course? We have you covered.

From MakeShift, our free weekly trend publication which comes crammed with trends, insights and innovations, to our Consumer Trend Canvas (turn trends into innovations) - we deliver fresh new ideas and insights to thousands worldwide.

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2. By giving guest presentations and facilitating student workshops

Whether an inspirational kick-off to the curriculum or hands-on sessions to unpack key trends and innovations, our analysts are able to deliver on anything that would give the lectures a big boost.

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3. By offering hands-on training, grounded in the now and the future

TrendWatching Academy, a 25-lesson, on-demand, pre-recorded online course, focused on trends and innovation, is the ultimate way to learn how to identify and act on trends, using our Purpose-Driven Innovation Methodology. 

While usually priced at USD 249, we are happy to offer educators a massive discount: you can enroll for only USD 99(!). 

We're of course also open to discussing team discounts or bulk pricing for your students. 


4. By providing large-scale access to Amplify - our trend intelligence platform

Used by a number of universities as well as hundreds of brands and agencies around the world, Amplify is our trend intelligence platform – and it comes with full access to our Trend Framework, Innovation Database, Annual Trend Reports, Analyst Support and more

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