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1. Trends, insights and tools (yes, it's freeπŸ˜‰)

From MakeShift, our free weekly trend publication which comes crammed with trends, insights and innovations, to our Consumer Trend Canvas (turn trends into innovations) - we deliver fresh new ideas and insights to thousands worldwide. 

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2. Training (super discounted)

TrendWatching Academy, a 25-lesson, on-demand, pre-recorded online course, focused on trends and innovation, is the ultimate way to learn how to identify and act on trends, using our Purpose-Driven Innovation Methodology. 

While usually priced at USD 149, students get a massive discount and can now enroll for only USD 49(!).

πŸ†Certification included!

3. Community (as glocal as you are)

Broaden your horizons: join tw:in, our spotter network.

A community filled with passionate members, many of them students and young professionals, who are keen to build a better, more purpose-driven business world through innovations, collaborations, and connections. 

Members submit interesting innovations and other spottings for all to see, participate in special TrendWatching and Business of Purpose projects, and engage in virtual and real-world meetups. 

Intrigued? Apply here. 

tw:in access for Students of TrendWatching UNI tw:in access for Students of TrendWatching UNI

4. Apply for an internship (and make an impact)

We are forever keen to talk to smart, trend & impact-obsessed interns, to join our teams in Amsterdam, Singapore, Berlin, Barcelona, Rio or London.

Internships are typically for 6 months, and can be centred around the fields of content, design, marketing or business development.

Interested? Please email us your CV, a cover letter and a write-up on three purposed brands you admire πŸ™

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