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AI Γ— Consumer Trends Γ— πŸ’š

From REMIX BRANDS to DRAFTED BY AI, we've been updating you for years now on how AI is impacting new consumer expectations. But lately, things have picked up pace (understatement of the decade πŸ˜…).

No surprise then that we've now fully AI-fied our trend research and analysis and have taken our portfolio of AI-centric consumer trends, innovations and ideation tools to the next level. 

All of it to deliver on our mission: to supercharge you to meaningfully run with the truly mind-boggling opportunities now out there. 


Autonomous Ideation πŸ€–

Trends and insights are useless if they don't result in meaningful innovations β€” so we're hard at work to launch TrendBaby, an AI Γ— Trend-Driven Ideation engine. Think your favorite trend, an input from your company and a ton of our back-end instructions β€” resulting in 5, 10 or 100 innovation ideas dreamed up by AI. All yours.

Next? An AI-powered version of every trend check and ideation tool currently available on our trend intelligence platform

Soaring Expectations πŸ‘€

With AI already spawning new brands, user experiences and products, you don't have to be a trend watcher to predict that consumers' expectations are once more set to skyrocket.

Whether it's Spotify's new prompt-based playlist setting new standards for instant creation or ChatGPT's near-human conversation skills upping the bar for any kind of consumer-brand online conversations β€” we're just scratching the surface. All this within the larger context of AI's potential to overhaul entire industries.

Count on us to bring you more emerging consumer trends, insights and innovations than ever before β€” keeping you deeply in the know.


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