Fundação Telefônica — Facebook initiative for young people promotes entrepreneurship

Here’s a triple TRUTHFUL CONSUMERISM win: find innovative ways to help disadvantaged people join the aspiration race. You’ll be riding the powerful truth that is aspiration. You’ll be taking action on the truth that is positive brand impact. And you’ll be living the truth that is empowerment of the individual.

Fundação Telefônica Vivo’s Deco is a Facebook Messenger bot that invites users to view a series of videos designed to promote entrepreneurship amongst young people. Launched in October 2016, the Brazilian telco’s initiative features videos of people aged 15-29 from poor areas in São Paulo explaining how they earn a living by running their own businesses. The series of videos shows young entrepreneurs sharing tips and advice, and once they’ve viewed all ten clips, people are sent relevant business material to help them take the next step.