Thrills & skills: Fun for learning’s sake

This innovation is one of our 22 trends and business opportunities for 2022.

To launch its new Hard Seltzer Limonada line, Corona partnered with language-learning app Duolingo for a voice-activated vending machine that asked people to order in Spanish: “Dame una Corona Hard Seltzer Limonada, por favor.” Those with correct pronunciation were rewarded with a can of Limonada, while those in need of practice were offered a free one-month subscription to Duolingo Plus.

People are bursting into the post-pandemic era with a new appetite for fun. But play doesn’t need to be mindless. Consumers will relish brands that provide novelty and encourage personal growth. 

Corona × Duolingo works for two reasons: it provides an element of surprise and reminds consumers of their potential to learn. Can you catch people’s attention with a cross-industry collaboration that provides unexpected thrills and esteem-boosting new skills?

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