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Aug - Oct 2024

Bangkok, Amsterdam, New York

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From our London-base, we’re deeply immersed in trends and opportunities, 24/7 - with glocal expertise being added by dozens of spotters, from Liverpool to Singapore

Keynotes, workshops & seminars

We absolutely love trend events, conferences, keynotes, workshops. Online, offline or hybrid.

In fact, over the last 10 years, we've participated in and organised 100s of them, in the UK and worldwide. Whatever you may be planning, we're keen to go all out.

UPDATE | After our amazing London Trend Event in October 2023 at the iconic Barbican Centre, we're already prepping for our next European flagship event - which will take place in Amsterdam on 26 September 2024. Hop on the Eurostar and join us

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Saas meets trends

Amplify is our company-wide trends & ideation solution, neatly platformed, giving you access to our full Trend Framework, Innovation Database with 28,000+ innovations (including 100s from the UK), Annual Trend Reports, Industry Reports, Stats, Training, local Analyst Support and more. 

Used by many UK business professionals, it’s fully equipped to guide you and your teams to turn trends into meaningful innovations.

UPDATE | 14 day free trial now available 

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Your strategic trend projects

For over a decade, our Trend Analysts, including Vicki Loomes, Henry Mason and Robbie Hodges, have been working with some of the biggest organisations in both the UK and globally on strategic trend projects.

They are assisted by our other teams and spotters in 60+ countries worldwide.

If you're deeply into trends and in charge of trendifying as many of your teams / colleagues as possible, let’s chat! 

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