Earth Definition: Small interventions make a huge difference

This innovation is one of our 22 trends and business opportunities for 2022.

Streaming videos in Ultra HD generates over eight times more emissions than Standard Definition. And on small phone screens, it’s overkill. Which is why EARTHDAY.ORG is calling for Standard Definition to be renamed Earth Definition and urging video platforms to add ED as an easy option for sustainable screen time.

Almost a third (32%) of consumers globally state a lack of options as the main factor for not shopping sustainably. People might want to improve their consumption habits — environmentally, socially, or otherwise — but you can’t be what you can’t see. 

That’s where you come in. Figure out what the ‘Earth Definition’ of your consumer offering looks like and bring it to market before someone else beats you to it. Start by confronting the least ethical parts of your CX head-on. You’ll thank us later.

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