Link 'n learn: Engaging through peer-to-peer education

This innovation is one of our 22 trends and business opportunities for 2022.

Through live online classes, GetSetUp encourages older adults to connect and engage with their peers. The platform was designed to make it easy for anyone to teach or join a small class, interacting as they cook, dance or learn to play the guitar. Launched in India, GetSetUp is now used by over 4 million people in 160+ countries.

The pandemic has given rise to a new wave of (typically older) digital converts, many of whom are keen to seek out their virtual tribe. Having recognized its mental health benefits, everyone from local governments to healthcare providers has collaborated with GetSetUp. 

Those consumers who’ve evaded your online engagement metrics? Now, they’re curious. Prove that the internet can be a force for good by hooking them in with interactive, peer-to-peer learning initiatives.

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