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Jabu’s Homecoming is a short drama series about the Zimbabwe-based Mobani family grappling with the sudden death of their breadwinner – an economic migrant in South Africa. Viewers text 'hi' to a designated WhatsApp number, are added to the Mobani family’s group chat, and the drama plays out in a stream of messages.

Newsletters. Social campaigns. Banner ads. Yawn. It’s increasingly tough to court consumers’ attention. In tomorrow’s even more saturated market, the trick will be to disrupt your channels of communication in unexpected ways. Like (burial) insurance provider Zimnat staging a mini drama on WhatsApp.

Jabu’s Homecoming might be ‘just’ an ad, but it turns a WhatsApp group chat into a virtual theater. Which of your channels is consistently underperforming? Ditch your MO and take a creative leap into the unknown. It might just pay off…


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