Playful pivots: Switch things up for good

This innovation is one of our 22 trends and business opportunities for 2022.

With public transport falling out of favor in pandemic-era Japan, Shinki Bus Co., Ltd is rethinking its vehicles as mobile real estate. Its first innovation? A bus converted into a wood-fired sauna: the Sabus, with traditional wooden sauna benches and bus features like hanging straps and stop buttons, now pressed to add steam. Sabus is scheduled to start service in February 2022.

Forget hand sanitizer, tomorrow’s consumers need brands to help them blow off steam, literally. Pivot to provide relief and relaxation — for the masses, not just the top 10%! — and your brand may well earn widespread respect. 

Before transforming your office into a sauna, identify which parts of your business would benefit from a playful pivot. Could you recycle underutilized resources to provide unmitigated relaxation — an offering tomorrow’s consumers actually crave?

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