LVMH launches platform to resell surplus fabric from couture houses

Last year, we wrote about Burberry donating leftover fabric to fashion students. LVMH is now taking a different approach to the same problem — what to do with deadstock — by creating a resale platform.

Launched on Monday, Nona Source sells high-end fabric, leather and lace at competitive prices. All were originally purchased for use by LVMH's group of prestigious couture houses. Those brands remain anonymous, with materials listed as 'a surplus from a French Maison de Couture', and Nona Source doesn't sell highly recognizable patterns or anything emblazoned with logos.

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The materials are offered in relatively low quantities, so the platform is targeted to designers who are just starting out or produce apparel on a small scale. It allows creatives to purchase materials they might otherwise not have access to, and makes for an appealing pitch to eco-conscious customers.

Besides creatively reusing existing materials, Nona Source also developed an innovative way for designers to source fabrics digitally. Since touch and feel are integral to selecting materials, the platform worked on a life-like way of rendering materials on screen. Videos show each fabric being touched, lifted and stretched, giving a sense of how it handles, what the texture and opacity are like and how much it gives.

Nona Source was created through LVMH's global in-house entrepreneurial incubator, and started when co-founder Romain Brabo discovered unused, high-quality fabrics stored in couture brands' warehouses. Time to check if your company is holding on to resources that others could put to use?

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