Didactic dystopias: Tough love goes virtual

How can you convey the disastrous impact of insect decline? Set in 2050, Pollinator Park is a VR experience that explores a future without bees and other pollen spreaders. After shopping for groceries in a pollinator-deprived world, users can repopulate the planet. The project was conceived by the EU Pollinators Initiative in collaboration with ‘archibiotect’ Vincent Callebaut.

There’s much talk of building utopias in the metaverse, but what about purpose-built dystopias? Going forward, brands will use the metaverse to rectify antisocial behaviors for good, by enabling people to (literally) see the world from a new perspective.

Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. Pick a subject — whether it’s the plight of refugees or the impact of playground bullies — and storyboard a narrative that puts the shoe on the other foot. 

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