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Rail is one of the cleanest ways to travel, and now Trainhugger is taking trains to an even greener level: for every ticket sold, one tree is planted in the UK. Offering the same routes at the same prices as other ticket sellers, the British booking platform offers consumers the convenience they’re accustomed to, with verdant, carbon-storing benefits at no extra cost.

Faced with apocalyptic media headlines, consumers expect sustainability to be deeply embedded within every product or service they consume. It’s a matter of mental wellbeing. Almost half of young people (46%) claim eco-anxiety affects their daily life and functioning. 

Trainhugger incentivizes consumers to engage with slow travel — proven to have positive mental health benefits — by embedding a carbon-offsetting service within each ticket. Can you help consumers make the most of their time by introducing guilt-busting add-ons that enhance wellbeing?

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