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Condom brand Prudence opens OnlyFans account to bring sex ed to a wider audience

Where to grow an audience for sex ed? After reaching millions on Instagram, Facebook and other social media, condom brand Prudence turned to OnlyFans. Within that entirely uncensored space, Prudence has launched a channel to provide a sex-positive take on reproductive health education.

Like an NSFW virtual classroom, Prudence's OnlyFans channel offers candid and entertaining tutorials on enjoying sex and preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Hosted by renowned sex educator Estef Palacios, videos feature doctors, psychologists and sexologists offering advice and responding to questions about bodies, relationships and pretty much every flavor of carnal activity.

Prudence isn't just Mexico's best-selling condom brand; it's a mission-driven business (part of DKT International) that invests 98% of its profits in social programs promoting sexual health.

Trend Bite

Mexico's teen pregnancy rates are the second-highest among OECD countries, partly driven by insufficient sexual education. With its foray into OnlyFans, Prudence wants to fill that gap while also shifting conversations about sex beyond contraception and diseases. The brand is advocating for broader, inclusive discussions encompassing pleasure, gender identity and intimacy, all to promote informed decision-making by young people as they become sexually curious and sexually active.