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With new prompts and badges, dating app Bumble encourages users to open up about mental health

According to a recent survey by dating app Bumble, 55% of users prioritize openness about mental health journeys when seeking potential partners. Catering to this demand, Bumble has introduced new profile prompts and badges centered around self-care.

Users can select from two new prompts when writing their profiles: "My mental health game changer was…" and "I'm prioritizing my mental health by…". Six new interest badges focus on different aspects of well-being: Therapy, Mindfulness, Deep chats, Nutrition, Sleeping well and Time offline. The additions allow users to express their commitment to mental health, potentially leading to matches and relationships that are more compatible and supportive.

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In the realm of dating and beyond, deep and authentic connections can be elusive. Bumble's new prompts and badges provide an inroad to more genuine interactions, encouraging users to align their wellness routines and mental health priorities.

This move by Bumble is more than a feature update — it's a strategic response to societal shifts prioritizing emotional and psychological well-being. The app is catering to an evolving market where mental health conversations are not only destigmatized, but expected and appreciated. How could your brand meet and exceed societal expectations of mental health transparency?