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Fairphone introduces Fairbuds, calling them the world's most repairable earbuds

Fairphone, the pioneering sustainable electronics brand, has once again raised the bar for prioritizing longevity and repairability with the launch of its new Fairbuds. Billed as 'the world's most repairable earbuds,' they're the next step in Fairphone's mission to disrupt the destructive culture of disposable gadgets.

While titanium-coated drivers and active noise cancellation provide a premium audio experience, the true innovation lies in Fairbuds' modular construction. Every component — earbuds, tips, batteries, charging case — is designed to be easily disassembled and replaced by users. An accompanying app provides access to new features and bug fixes, ensuring longevity on the software end. Fairphone's departure from the difficult repairability of most audio devices ensures its earbuds can have a usable lifespan far exceeding the typical 1-2 year obsolescence cycle.

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By engineering repairability from the ground up, Fairphone is helping chart a more sustainable path forward for the consumer electronics industry. As the planet grapples with the growing issue of e-waste from rapidly obsolete devices — and the raw materials, energy and water needed to manufacture their replacements — Fairbuds represent an alternative approach that centers longevity and empowers owners to repair the products they own.