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The Inflation Cookbook uses AI to track grocery prices and serve up cost-conscious recipes

Last month, we featured The Yellow Sticker Cookbook, a British app that helps shoppers find recipes for foods they've found marked down in their local supermarket. Now, a food delivery service has launched Canada's first Inflation Cookbook.

SkipTheDishes worked with Dentsu Creative Canada to help people source affordable, nutritious food and maximize their grocery budgets by keeping tabs on over 400 items at more than 80 locations nationwide. On the platform, users first select their province, household size and weekly grocery budget.

Based on real-time price data, the cookbook highlights ten items with significant price reductions, such as a 20% drop for cheddar or 13% for russet potatoes. Next, the Inflation Cookbook displays seven recipes that incorporate those ingredients to make meal planning accessible and convenient. The recipes are generated with the help of AI and curated by human chefs and nutritionists.

Trend Bite

People worldwide are adapting to rising prices, reassessing their consumption habits and seeking more cost-effective options. In this context, the Inflation Cookbook emerges as a valuable resource, empowering consumers to save money through data-driven, budget-friendly meal planning.

As we move through 2023 and beyond, customer expectations around value will continue to evolve, with long-lasting implications for businesses. To stay relevant and foster loyalty, brands should consider integrating 'savings by design' into their overall strategies.