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Using The Yellow Sticker Cookbook, shoppers find recipes for marked-down groceries

In countries unaccustomed to inflation, sticker shock in grocery aisles is real and it's prompting more people to look for the brightly-colored stickers that indicate markdowns. But not everyone has a knack for improvising in the kitchen. To help shoppers figure out what to do with those reduced-price foods, London-based Uncommon Creative Studio created the Yellow Sticker Cookbook.

On their phone, users go to the cookbook's web app and scan a reduced product. They can add items they have at home and then click through to see recipes that combine those ingredients. As the free service's tagline points out, it allows people to 'find the meal in every deal.'

The Yellow Sticker Cookbook was developed by Uncommon's customer experience practice using Google Vision API, which detects and identifies objects in the real world.

Trend Bite

Double-digit inflation has led to one in seven people in the UK skipping meals or going without food. Some FMCG brands have seen their profits skyrocket due to price hikes. Others are demonstrating they understand their customers' plight by developing new ways to support those who are scraping by. 

Recent examples we've featured include Sainsbury's pop-up freezer showing British shoppers how to save food and money, and cosmetics brand The Inkey List using smart skincare swaps to help customers get frugal. While Uncommon isn't a B2C brand, we could see companies in retail or F&B partnering with the agency to swiftly create their own savings-as-a-service apps, similar to the Yellow Sticker Cookbook. One to look into?