A glossy, original glazed vegan Dunkin' donut

12 April 2021

Dunkin' introduces 40 vegan donuts

Customers pleaded for vegan donuts, and Dunkin' delivered, in a big way. The US chain debuted 40 varieties of plant-only donuts last week, from Chocolate Rainbow to Stuffed Strawberry and Maple Drizzle. The caveat? They're currently only available for online ordering within the Netherlands and Belgium. From mid-May, the vegan line will also be available in-store in both countries.

No word yet on when Dunkin' will start offering a wide range of plant-based donuts in other parts of the world. Back in 2019, Dunkin' introduced a Beyond Sausage Sandwich that saw sales at participating stores jump, and the company's chairman has stated that the plant-based revolution is here to stay, so vegans and those with food sensitivities probably won't have to wait much longer.

If your brand is considering adding plant-based options, why not follow Dunkin's lead? Don't just dip your toe, but dive right in and make a statement as well as an impact.

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