UAE-based Etihad Airways will begin testing contactless tech that can identify travelers with early illness symptoms (including those of COVID-19) at the end of this month; it is the first airline to do so. The system can automatically screen passengers’ heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature when they arrive at key airport locations - at bag drop zones, security, check-in gates, and more. While the technology cannot officially diagnose travelers, those demonstrating early warning indicators are directed to a medical teleconference session or to airport staff. 

Obviously, no one should be traveling right now or venturing out in public regularly. But not everyone has the privilege of remaining indoors (or donning a full HAZMAT suit like Naomi Campbell’s) as much as they’d like to. So besides the medical benefits, tools like Etihad’s also help these consumers - as they see those around them being screened at every touchpoint - feel more secure. Could your organization deliver even a modicum of relief to those who can’t avoid public, potentially unsafe environments?

Another point to note? Even a business in crisis can be a business of purpose. Despite being in one of the hardest-hit industries, Etihad is still embracing new innovations to meet our most important human needs right now: those for safety and good health. Not only that, Etihad is deploying existing resources in new ways; the airline has tapped its food centers with top hygiene ratings to deliver 15,000+ (sanitary!) meals a day to those in need. How can your organization stay innovative and purpose-focused in the COVID era?


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