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August - December 2023

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Dutch app delivers food from Turkish, Surinamese, Polish and Moroccan grocery stores

On city streets around the world, delivery startups are duking it out for grocery marketshare. The fastest ones work with dark stores stocked with a limited number of popular items. What's left out? Turkish tulum cheese, Surinamese bitter melon, Moroccan cookies, Polish ogórki... 
Aiming to fill that gap, Netherlands-based Didiyo is focused on connecting consumers with local 'ethnic' stores. Didiyo facilitates ordering and rents out delivery vehicles, but merchants are responsible for prepping orders and doing deliveries, generally within a two-hour time slot. Availability is current limited to a few Dutch cities, but Didiyo plans to expand to Germany and Belgium in 2022.
Didiyo isn't the first to jump into this space. While neither works with local stores, Oja bagged USD 3.4 million in pre-seed funding in November 2021 for delivering African and Caribbean groceries in the UK, and Weee! caters to Asian and Hispanic consumers in the US.

Trend Bite

Speedy delivery apps are upending the way consumers shop for groceries. Pandemic fears may have boosted their emergence, but their unsurpassed ease is proving sticky for consumers with an appetite for convenience.

Unlike Gorillas, Grab or Getir, small players like Didiyo don't have massive budgets for marketing and logistics. But they do have a unique opportunity to leverage the loyalty customers feel for neighborhood stores that cater to their own cultural preferences, stocking brands and products they can't find elsewhere.

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Spotted by: Reinier Evers

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