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August - December 2023

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Scoring a goal for the planet, FC Dordrecht organizes first climate-neutral soccer match

Last week, Dutch soccer club FC Dordrecht hosted the Netherlands' first climate-neutral soccer match, setting a new precedent for integrating sustainability and sports. After six months of preparation, the club adopted a range of eco-friendlier measures for the game.

On game day, transportation is typically one of the most significant contributors to pollution. So FC Dordrecht reserved stadium parking spots for EVs, promoted travel by mass transit among fans, provided free rides on electric buses, allocated extra parking for bicycles and facilitated the free use of shared bicycles. Local law enforcement arrived on mountain bikes, too.

The club substituted conventional match-day foods with vegan alternatives, nudging fans to go meatless and highlighting the substantial impact of meat consumption on greenhouse gas emissions. Similarly, electric-powered lifts and renewable energy sources powered the event's entertainment and lighting, while an electric robot mower prepared the pitch.

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FC Dordrecht's pioneering event saw it collaborating closely with local government and businesses. By examining every element of a match day and figuring out how to reduce its environmental impact, the coalition gained a vast amount of knowledge in a relatively short period. While the climate-neutral match was a one-off and not all measures can be permanently implemented today, FC Dordrecht believes the event helped kick-start and accelerate the club's goal of becoming fully climate neutral within six years.

When it comes to reaching sustainability goals, could a singular, impactful event be the spur to action that your organization needs?

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Spotted by: Stijn Janssen

Image: Nick Koole


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