Altruistic alliances: Help your audience help others

This innovation is one of our 22 trends and business opportunities for 2022.

For people with vision loss, visiting a new urban environment can be challenging. Travel Hands pairs them with a nearby sighted volunteer to walk to a destination together. Currently operating as a call center, Travel Hands will be launching a location-based app soon.

Some of 2020/21’s most envelope-pushing innovations were those that support and protect society’s most vulnerable citizens. In 2022, expect this positive shift to progress in leaps and bounds, with value-driven consumers seeking out empathetic brands that facilitate frictionless connections with neighbors in need.

The simple act of asking for and offering help can create meaningful bonds, whether temporary or more permanent. Help can take many forms — from technical skill-sharing to a simple pick-me-up chat. How can you make it easier for citizens to lend a helping hand?

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