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ABC doc uses AI to summarize bureaucratic letters and recommend a response

Official letters can be a drag to deal with even for those who are entirely fluent and literate. But for people whose grasp of a language is less solid, it can be daunting and even unmanageable. In Germany, AI now comes to the rescue in the form of ABC doc, an app that interprets and simplifies formal correspondence.

Users first scan a letter with their phone and upload it. The service's artificial intelligence then analyzes the document’s content and delivers a short summary in Russian or English. Besides explaining what the letter is about, ABC doc also recommends which actions need to be taken, drawing from a growing knowledge base. For example, an insurance provider might ask for a form to be filled out, or a local tax authority might require an immediate response.

If the AI-generated summary or required action isn't clear, users can chat with an operator. For privacy protection, they can hide personal information before uploading a scan. Once uploaded, scans are saved and automatically sorted into categories for easy retrieval. ABC doc plans to expand to Turkish, Arabic and Polish in the near future.

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After decades of development, artificial intelligence is moving out of the lab and into people's day-to-day lives, where it can address real human needs. 

As ABC doc points out, every household in Germany receives up to 330 letters a year from a range of authorities. The consequences of not dealing with them adequately can range from lapsed insurance coverage to hefty fines.

By helping people avoid legal or financial woes, an intelligent tool like ABC doc offers users peace of mind. How can your organization use AI to remove stress and frustration? 

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Spotted by: Veerle Deunynck

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