New Podcast? What to Expect from Season One of Purpose Talks

Listen up. We’ve released a podcast – a series of 30-minute episodes, jam-packed with purpose-driven business inspiration and conversations with innovators from across the globe. Sounds too good to be true? You better believe it.

It’s been a busy few months, global lockdown notwithstanding. But after countless glitchy virtual interviews, more late-night espressos than we’d like to admit, and reams of painstakingly fine-tuned transcripts, we’re proud to present our first podcast, Purpose Talks

Produced in partnership with our friends over at Business of Purpose, in each episode, we sit down with business leaders to discuss where they started, how they got there and, of course, what’s driving them forward – all in the name of creating a more ethical world. Each episode spotlights, not one, but multiple companies focused on one business element, with insights and features on topics such as brand activism, giveback models, open hiring practices, transparent supply chains and more. 

Scroll on to see what we have planned for series one. If you haven’t tuned in to our first episode yet, listen here. Oh, and make sure to follow or subscribe while you’re there (sorry, couldn’t resist).


Episode One – The Product That Keeps On Giving: Giveback Models

Out now!

We’re not fooling around with some measly appetizer: episode one is the full works. In it, we spotlight brands that include a scalable giveback element where customers and employees can simultaneously create an impact through their buying/service habits. We travel from England to Uganda to the US and back, stopping in with pioneers at Gorilla Conservation Coffee and Quartermeister, among others. 


Episode Two – All in a Day's Work: Inclusive & Open Hiring

Out now!

Next up, it’s all about brands that are hiring workers from vulnerable backgrounds in order to keep the hiring market an open and inclusive space. For this episode, we had the privilege of linking up with the sustainable fashion champion Outland Denim, Berlin cleaning service start-up Clean Collective, and San Patrignano, one of Europe’s most successful (and unconventional) drug rehabilitation centres. 


Episode Three - Loud & Proud Brands: Corporate Activism 

Launching July 15th

As a brand, you don’t need us to tell you that sometimes fighting the good fight isn’t as simple as it sounds. Stuck for inspiration? This episode’s for you. We’re focusing on brands that use their influence to initiate policy shifts and spark global awareness. We’ll be chatting to various key players in this space, including the Head of Impact at our favorite chocolate brand, Tony’s Chocolonely. You won’t want to miss this lip-smacking episode.  


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