Starbucks x Netflix and and Haptic Van Gogh: Inside tw:in’s November Newsletter

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1. 🇳🇱 Beyond Visual Experience in The Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands is introducing a detailed touchable scale model so that visually impaired visitors can get a feel for the building (quite literally) before venturing inside. Here’s what our spotter Bouke Brockhus has to say:  

twin-november"I love this innovation because it shows us how much impact a tiny model of a museum can have. We can see the trend of inclusion everywhere and museums have a big part to play when it comes to making everyone feel welcome. Making museums more inclusive will allow art and their stories to be truly enjoyed by everyone."



2. 🇧🇴 First Virtual Transportation Card Launches in Bolivia

Yala is a virtual card (based in a phone app) which enables users to travel on any of the trains, cable cars or buses offered by transport company Mi Teleférico by simply swiping their phones. 

Spotted by Ivan Fernándes


3. 🇺🇸 Netflix Partners with Starbucks on a Book Club

The Netflix book club invites consumers to read certain books before watching the screen adaptations on the streaming platform. Starbucks is leading the club’s social activations. 

Spotted by Priscilla Brossi 


4. 🇨🇱 Water Extracted From the Air With 100% Renewable Energy 

Awa water uses a combination of photovoltaic solar energy and thermal solar energy to capture and extract humidity from the air which is then collected and packaged as cartons of drinkable water. 

Spotted by Marina Machado


5. 🇺🇸 Duolingo is Expanding Into Mathematics

The language learning software is branching out and using its gamified business model to teach consumers essential maths skills.

Spotted by Stijn Janssen 


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