Beauty's Eco Syndicate and 'Shroom Beer Brewery: Inside tw:in's October Newsletter

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1. 🌎 Cosmetics giants team up to create environmental scoring system

Here’s what our community member Veerle Deunyck has to say:

 “I am a fan of this new eco-label initiative in the beauty sector. Not only is it brand-agnostic and supported by several major players in the sector, but it is supposed to be scientifically underpinned, which increases its credibility and chances for success. Let us hope that as many sector colleagues as possible will join in, because this can only improve transparency for the consumer. A simple, uniform and easily comparable label on beauty products helps consumers to make better choices for themselves and for a better world."



2. 🇨🇴 University trains indigenous people in Colombia

The Autonomous Intercultural Indigenous University in Colombia was established to provide native people with a robust education in the Cauca peoples’ ancient traditions.

Spotted by Pablo Riquelme


3. 🇰🇪 Entrepreneur makes bricks from plastic waste that are stronger than concrete 

Nzambi Matee, a trained engineer, collects waste packaging from factories in Kenya and mixes the refuse with sand to create a brick that is seven times stronger than concrete. 

Spotted by Nina Hiukkanen


4. 🇨🇦 Startup uses upcycled mushrooms to make vegan-friendly beer 

Little-known fact: not all beer is vegan. Chinova is a Canada-based startup using white button mushrooms (instead of the usual pig and fish derivatives) to filter its drinks. 

Spotted by Jack Parsons 


5. 🇳🇴 Snøhetta’s new table is made from wood lost underwater for 25 years

The ‘Intersection Worktable’ is made from Tasmanian oak, sourced from an ancient forest that has been submerged underwater for the past 25 years. 

Spotted by Fer Rocha


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