Happy (Actionable, Meaningful) New Year from TrendWatching!

Dear fellow trend enthusiasts, innovators and purpose-driven professionals,

It’s 2022. We’re already two years into a (cliché alert) transformative and important decade. So, what’s the theme of this year? In short: action

Let our trends and innovation examples provide the fuel you need to take your personal purpose mission up a notch and act upon the many opportunities out there.

And to make that easier and less fluffy than ever, we’ll go live on January 23 with a 2022 Free Trend Webinar: think a one-hour masterclass, loaded with actionable opportunities for 2022, including some that didn’t make it into our recent 22 for ‘22 publication. You won’t want to miss it. Promise.

Registration will open soon so keep your eyes peeled for more information. See you there, and by all means reach out to me for any questions or ideas you may have. Email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp; it’s all good. 




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