Pride Month: Five Forward-Thinking LGBTQ+ Initiatives You Should Know About

So you’re LGBTQ+ inclusive? Prove it. Level up your brand’s efforts this Pride month by taking a cue from these forward-thinking businesses and campaigns.

Getting LGBTQ+ representation right isn’t rocket science. But still, when June (Pride month) rolls around each year, advertising spots are crammed with poorly considered grabs at so-called ‘pink money’. And while a pea-brained idea might be amusing to the Twitter-verse, creating products and services that meaningfully combat discrimnation or truly respond to the LGBTQ+ community’s specific needs is no joke.

Just ask these five brands. From queer-centric healthcare to gender-neutral period products, each of these innovations is an example of LGBTQ+ representation done right. Read, learn, ideate. 


close-up of an eyebrow featuring TooD cosmetics

TooD | Genderless beauty brands brings shimmer and self-love to unibrows

For years, major cosmetics brands have taken baby steps to move beyond outdated beauty standards. But it’s upstarts like TooD, founded by entrepreneurs who are rooted in inclusivity and diversity, that can really push the industry forward. Read more


Three models pose in Phluid's clothing

Phluid | Gender-free clothing debuts in all Target stores

City stores might be stacked with progressive garbs, but it’s less common to find gender-fluid clothes in suburban or rural locales. Target’s decision to add Phluid, a gender-free clothing brand, to its roster of franchises is a cause for excitement. Read more


A selection of healthcare products from Folx

FOLX | Nixing barriers and stigma, a queer-centric digital health platform

Launched in January 2021, FOLX is a digital healthcare platform made for queer people, by queer people. Unsure how trans, queer and nonbinary people fit into your brand strategy? Businesses across all industries can take a leaf out of FOLX’s book. Read more


A packet of Cycle's period products

Cycle | New line of period products is inclusive by design

Not everyone who menstruates is a woman or identifies as one. Packaged in minimally-designed pouches, Cycle includes a full range of eco pads and organic cotton tampons that are 'free from plastics, pollutants and preconceptions.' Read more


A selection of Unilever products

Unilever | Unilever scraps the word 'normal' from its beauty products

Words have power. Why exclude people if you don't need to? Take a closer look at your own brand and see which words or phrases you could remove to ensure that all (potential) customers feel welcome and included. Read more

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